Duty & Tax Relief Programs

The Government of Canada has several duty and tax relief programs designed to enable those involved in importing and exporting for warehousing, distribution and manufacturing to avoid or defer duty and GST. Each program has a set of criteria which must be met for a business to qualify. Here you will find brief descriptions for each of these programs along with links to related government pages and application forms. FTZVI is available to assist with any questions you may have.

Duty Relief Program (DRP)

Relieves the payment of duties on imported goods that will eventually be exported either in the same condition or after being consumed, expended or used in processing other goods. This can have significant cash flow benefits for Island manufacturers.

Exporter of Processing Services (EOPS) Program

Qualifies companies to import goods belonging to non-residents without paying GST/HST as long as these goods are imported for processing, distribution or storage and are subsequently exported.

To apply to the EOPS program, please prepare and send an application letter requesting authorization to use the EOPS Program to your local CRA Tax Services Office.

Customs Bonded Warehouse (CBW) Program

Companies participating in the Customs Bonded Warehouse Program qualify for complete deferral of duty and taxes. When goods exit the warehouse, taxes are applicable. If goods are re-exported, there are no duties or taxes. The definition of a ‘warehouse’ is quite broad. It can be part of your office building, a stand-alone facility, or even a hotel conference room, and can be located anywhere within the FTZ Point – e.g. anywhere on Vancouver Island!


Export Distribution Centre Program (EDCP)

Provides relief of cash flow cost incurred by export businesses that add limited value when processing or distributing goods such as relabeling, repackaging, assembling or disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, etc. This especially benefits companies, for instance, that are importing goods and/or acquiring goods in Canada without paying GST/HST as long as the goods are later exported.

Duty-Free Manufacturing Tariff

Canada is the first country in the G20 to offer a tariff-free zone for industrial manufacturers. Foreign Investors now have the advantage of importing advanced machinery and equipment from their parent companies free of import duties. This duty-free treatment, together with Canada’s straight-line depreciation method allowed for manufacturing or processing equipment, means that foreign investors can write off their capital investments in a very short period of time.

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